Spaghetti Jolly 10kg (20 x 500g)


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There was a Venetian pasta factory doing things right. It is still here.
We are very similar to how we were 60 years ago: we started on the right way and with simple goals, we have been able to remain faithful to ourselves up to now.

Our Italian durum wheat comes from the golden fields of Puglia and Emilia, for a traditional pasta, with excellent nutritional values. Born in teflon extrusion, it still maintains this faeture: the quality of the raw material allows an excellent result, always appreciated by our loyal consumers.

This linear path, today as then, allows us to offer a product with high quality and high convenience. This is the secret of Pasta Jolly’s success.
All red, all good, all Italian.
Your Jolly on the table, every day.


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