Spiral Dough Mixer 38Kg, 1-Speed – Mecnosud Power Mix PK38


Flour Capacity: 25 Kg

  • Kneading Capacity: 38 Kg
  • 220/60/1 Voltage
  • 2 Speed-with liftable head
  • Bowl Volume: 40 liters
  • Motor Power: 1,5 and 2,2 kw
  • Machine dimension: 500 (W) x 790 (H) x 830 (D) mm
  • Product Weight: 286 lbs.
  • Made in Italy


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The spiral dough mixer PK38 is a professional machine for the preparation of dough, suitable for professional purposes and private kitchens. It fits the needs of medium and large businesses such as pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops, and else. This is the ideal machine for kneading bread and pizza with a kneading capacity of 38kg. The dough capacity is calculated with 55% of hydration, although the maximum capacity may vary depending on the ingredients.

The spiral dough mixer 38kg from Mecnosud is entirely made in Italy, which translates to extremely reliable and high-quality materials and manufacturing. The steel bowl, the spiral, and the shaft are made of strong high stainless steel. The painting is made exclusively with non-toxic powders suitable for foods.

The spiral mixer frame is made of high-thickness steel which enables vibration cancelation during the operation. The transmission and the chain with the geared motor in oil bath require very low maintenance and ensure a low noise level.

The dough breaker and spiral hook combined with the rotating bowl are ensuring a perfectly mixed dough with optimal gluten strength development.


Spiral Dough Mixer With Dual Speed

The 2-speed mixing of this spiral dough mixer 38kg gives a high efficiency through blending ingredients, which promises to achieve desired results consistently within 7-10 minutes. The dual speed allows the necessary adjustments depending on the dough to prepare. The slow speed ensures to better gather the flour in the bowl, which helps the glutinous mesh to form. The second speed helps to dry the dough and speed up the preparation.

The powerful spiral mixing increases water absorption by dough, thus increasing volume and assuring the uniform texture of the dough. The spiral hook allows to speed up the job and prevents the dough from overheating.

Fitted with a timer, the machine can be activated with the ON/OFF switch located on the front side. The spiral mixer can be manually switched on and off, or it switches off automatically once the timer ends.

The lifting head and removable bowl allow for easy cleaning.

The dough mixer PK38 includes 4 swivel casters with brakes.

The PK38M Spiral Dough Mixer, is a great dough mixer for medium and large businesses. Ideal machine for kneading bread, pizza, with a 1-speed motor and liftable head, the PK38M is extremely durable and reliable. Made in Italy. 1-YEAR FULL WARRANTY




Weight 310 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 40 in



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